Reliable Tree Pruning Services

Pruning done by a certified arborist will give you the assurance that pruning is done correctly and according to the ISA ANSI A-300 standards. Count on Master Arbor for unmatched tree pruning services at affordable prices.

Pruning Young Trees

You can extend the life of a tree by training it to grow with the correct structure. Not only can we prune the young tree, but we can also spread the branching to widen the structure or create special forms, cover a wall, or form a screen.

Pruning Mature Trees

We will start our service by inspecting your tree's structure from the root to the top of the tree. A mature tree with good scaffold branches will need the crown cleaned. 

Dead, dying, diseased, broken, and weakly attached branches and water sprouts should be removed from a tree's crown. Vines, wire, rope, nails, and other foreign material should also be removed. We also examine the tree for defects that might require additional attention.

Pruning can quite effectively reduce insect infestation and infection. Contact us today to learn more.
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